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With our specialist authoring tools we write one program then export to PC, website, and any mobile phones - Saving you time and money

HTML5, Flash and Java simulation technology

You can now embed high quality, full multimedia simulations in any website using HTML5, Flash or Java. With our specialist software techniques we can now produce interactive training tools far more cost effectively.

This hydraulic pressure relief valve simulation is an example of our latest HTML5 simulations and works in all modern browsers and mobile phones.

Mobile phone applications

Our high speed authoring techniques allow us to create phone applications in much less time than by hand coding. We can also produce one applications and simply export it for use on the complete range of PC, web and mobile phones.

See our latest website to encourage energy saving for Bristol Green Capital 2015.

Affordable to high performance website design

Incredibly many designers still make each web page separately. Just like vintage cars this is NOT cheap or effective.
Modern website builders create perfect sites instantly

Usability, SEO, legal compliance and web standards mean website sturctures must be similar. Applying custom designs and text can be cheap and easy.

To out perform other websites specialist on and off site optimisation is required. We know what generates visitors and sales.

If you want the kitchen sink then we can make it. Few companies have our software design capabilities.

Website design options

Website design options

highlight arrow Our SEO website builder creates unlimited websites for FREE

New high performance highlight arrow affordable website options .

Compete with the very best, using our highlight arrow optimisation and site analysis services.

Realise the benefits highlight arrow custom automated software applications can provide.

Search engine marketing (SEM) services

example websites

A site is no use if it does not have visitors. The Internet can generate significant income and it is vital that every business maintains a good position in the search engines.

This is a rapidly changing field that requires specialist knowledge and individual site analysis. So beware of standard SEO packages or unvalidated claims of what can be achieved.

Ask us to review your site or read our free guide explaining highlight arrow how to make money from the search engines or highlight arrow learn the latest search engine optimisation techniques.

Multimedia CD Roms, DVDs, Memory sticks or eBusiness cards

Our a CD content management software is a great way to design your own company CD. Having developed this over many years it also allows us to create very powerful presentations at very competitive prices.

Training / eLearning Software

Training / eLearning Software

Would it help if your customers or staff knew more about your products?

The hydraulic training program we produced for SUN has taught thousands of people around the world about their products.

Good eLearning can be just as effective as a one to one lesson by your top engineers and can cost less than the price of a single training rig.

Find out why this type of training is so effective.

Or check out our range of business training CDs

eSelling / Selling Robots

eSelling / Selling Robots

Would you benefit if you had a sales person on hand to answer questions at every customer.

Selling is more than just telling people about your products. Good interactive software can ask questions, demonstrate, suggest and advise on the best products before teaching and supporting the user to encourage future sales.

Our self build solutions start from under £300.

Find out more about what can be achieved.

Content Management, Cost Saving Tools

Content Management, Cost Saving Tools

Can your secretary add to or change your website and Company CD at no extra cost?

Our website content management software has been described as the new generation of CMS by one leading PC magazine. Take a FREE trial of our compliant website software or CD Brochure builder software.

Viral and eMarketing Tools

Do you want to generate far more leads per pound?

We have software equivalents to all forms of marketing. Brand awareness, new lead generation, explaining USPs, competitions, Free perks etc.

Take a look at some of our advanced eMarketing tools.

Websites should earn far more than they cost

We aim to look at how each client communicates with their customers at present and then provide an electronic equivalent that is faster, cheaper and more effective. Often additional services can be provided that were previously deemed too expensive to deliver, such as better training or product support.

The goal for every website is to generate, or save, far more money than it costs and we achieve this by applying the knowledge we have gained from industry research into how to communicate most effectively through a computer screen.

We have also developed a range of well-proven tools for content management, training, selling, lead generation, brand awareness etc. that can be adapted or customised for our clients or for other graphic /web /marketing agencies to resell to their clients.

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