RSI Awareness Software

RSI prevention training software on CD-ROM

“Ensure healthy staff by avoiding rsi, upper limb disorder and industrial injury claims”


Developed in conjunction with a team of physiotherapists and is designed to protect computer users from repetitive strain injury, rsi and therefore your business from prosecution. Upper limb disorders now accounts for over 50% of industrial injury claims. Covers business's legal requirement to train/check all staff on VDU usage. Probably the most comprehensive program on the market. Will work on any Windows PC (98 and above).

Download the full course and run once for free then its time limited.


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To address the growing risk of health problems (RSI + Upper Limb Disorders) resulting from the prolonged use of computers, we have worked with a team of physiotherapists to produce a comprehensive multimedia training program which:-

Teaches users about the potential health risks from using a computer, gives posture lessons and exercise routines to help prevent and control pain.

Main video and spoken guidance files.

Includes a small monitoring program that is installed onto the user's computer and reminds them when to take exercise breaks.

Contains an interactive risk assessment checklist.

See alos the educational RSS screensaver that can be updated with a range of different tip/training modules.

Training Program Includes

Training Program Includes

Introduction to Computer Based Work Related Injuries

Symptoms of Neck, Back and Arm Pain

Help Prevent the Onset of Pain

Control the Progression of Pain

Install an RSI Monitor

Policy Documents

Available as Download or CD

Available as Download or CD

Try a few screens from our RSI awareness training here

Purchasing an unlock for download version £24.50 ($50 USD, 35 EUR)

Available on CD for £69.00 + VAT for up to 10 User licenses. Site licenses based on the number of employees can be much less. Runs directly from the CD, no need to install. The program will operate across a LAN Network.


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