New time saving software tools

Clever new software tools that will save you time and money




Anyone can create a website in under ten minutes

Pure SEO CMS is a website design and content management software that allows unskilled staff to very easily and quickly create and update their website.

New designs can be changed instantly by applying a standard html template.

Try our FREE website builder here.

A simple, low cost way to create a CD brochure

Create your own CD Brochure, catalogue or training program with our eLibrary software from

Software tutor and virtual exhibition software

This Software Tutor does use videos but actually guides people around the program, website or presentation they need to understand.

It play pre-recorded demonstrations but you can very easily record your own training sequences for others to play back whenever they want.

A viewer window can be used to make a very effective virtual exhibition with all training presentation automatically downloaded using XML feeds.


Generate thousands of feedback email with ease

If you need to collect lots of people's email addresses, with permission to email them back about your products then why not try one of our promotional software tools.

Games, competitions, conversion calculators or novelty software can be very effective at generating feedback information. These can be automatically generated after using the program or during the free registration process.

Look at some of the options available at

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