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Extract any text string, create email databases and reply with newsletters




Automatically extract any text string from multiple emails, convert emails to spreadsheet format and send a custom reply.
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Text splitter is the easiest way to analyse customer feedback emails

This text splitting software is designed to let you quickly and easily extract information from large numbers of consistently structured emails into a single usable database or spreadsheet.

If you use online forms to collect information or get emails sent to you automatically by programs or websites then you'll know how difficult it can be to get this information into a usable format. This software should save you lots of time processing and responding to this information.

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Send html newsletters to your clients

Send html newsletters to your clients

HTML newsletters are simple to create using this simple website builder . Text splitter software will then allow you to import the newsletter and send to people in your converted database of email names.

Summary of program features

Summary of program features

Our text stripper can convert the long body text strings from emails into a table containing just the information you require, organised into regular columns.

The text splitter automatically extracts text strings from any number of similarly configured emails and converts them to a usable spreadsheet format. You can add an unlimited numbers of delimiters to identify the start and finishing points of each text string you want to extract. The delimiters can contain any characters and be of any length and there is a simple capture function to copy them straight from the source data file. Importantly the program only looks for the next occurrence of that delimiter so that a simple space can be used to identify the end of an email address even though there may be hundreds of spaces with the email body text.

The program also contains a simple smtp emailer which can send out html or text replies to the email addresses in the processed data. Simple processing can be carried out on the data to remove any duplicate entries or identify and delete prospects that should not be included in the email list.

The Lite version is free for an unlimited period but is restricted to 25 emails at one time. The full version has no maximum limits.

How to prepare your email data

The original emails that contain your customer feedback information must be moved into a separate folder within MS Outlook (or other email program). This can be done automatically by using the rules wizard or just by drag and drop.

You must then export these emails from this MS Outlook folder using File/import export/ export to file, we recommend exporting into Windows 'comma separated values' format although you may need to experiment with other formats to find what works best with your data. Of Course, the data can come from anywhere and does not need to be collected from emails.

You are now ready to load this data file into the text splitter although you could also analyse or rearrange it first using any spreadsheet program.

How to identify the text strings to be extracted into a table

You can load your data file and set the delimiters that will identify the start and finish of each text string. Either type the delimiter text into the relevant edit box or highlight the text in the data file and click the appropriate capture button.

The initial text represents a single block of text that may occur only once, at the start of the data file e.g. column heading text.

Identify the string that directly precedes the string you want to extract then identify the string that directly follows the string you want to extract, unless this is within the start string. The string that identifies the next element is shown in grey just for information.

You can add as many element delimiters as you require and therefore extract as much information as you require.

How to process the table of extracted information

You can select a cell and then delete all rows that have the same information in that column e.g. opt-out = yes.

You can also delete duplicate rows as long as the duplicates are in adjoining rows.

How to write and send email newsletters to everyone in the table you have created

In the write and send screen you can load a data table and enter the start and finish row number. Select the column that contains the email address and add the 'from' and 'subject' details.

You can load or type in your email body text and add the !--columnX-- tags to automatically embed the text from column X at that point.

Use our newsletter design software to quickly and easily add your content into an html newsletter. Then simply add your host's SMTP details and connect and send to everyone. We recommend that you try a small test sample to yourself first and NEVER SPAM people or send without prior permission.

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