Talking Websites

Get a professional voiceover artist to narrate your website




Improving the way your website communicates

Imagine how badly a sales person would perform if they could not speak. Being able to talk is probably their most powerful tool we all have for communicating with other.

Research has shown that software that talks to the user is also much better at communicating your message than just displaying text and pictures. People respond better to spoken information and are more likely to act in the way you require.

Professional voiceover artist

Will will supply a complete package with voiceover artist narration and the software to add sound to your website.

Reseller packages available for other website designers.

A range of free talking website players are available

We can customise our free talking website player to meet the exact needs of each client. Options include:-

Playing only one sample or each sample only once.

Playing different samples on each page.

With our without title text and control buttons.

Auto playing sequence or selection only.

Select different languages or topics etc.etc.

The cost of using a professional voiceover artists

It is surprisingly inexpensive to have a soundtrack recorded for your website and we recommend using professional speakers to give the best performance.

Website soundtracks can be added very simply using our custom software and recording prices start from around £50.

Please ask for a quote against the soundtrack you would like to add.

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