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Sun's program has brought many rewards

Sun's program has brought many rewards

The hydraulic training program we produced for Sun Hydraulics Ltd has brought them many rewards and is a format that could greatly benefit other firms as well.

The type of program generally costs less to produce than the price of a physical training rig and can earn money through direct CD sales around the world. However, the main aim of Sun's program was to improve product support and therefore help drive product sales. To this end the program is given away customers and distributors and has helped to emphasise the distinct technical advantages in many of Sun's products, compared to their competition.

Schools and colleges around the world have also been supplied with free copies of the program and has become part of the standard engineering course in some countries.

Free downloads of the program are available and Sun have had many appreciative comments for students and lecturers as far away as Korea and Barbados. Of course, the fact that student learn about hydraulics using simulations of Sun's valves will probably bring additional benefits later.

Increased website traffic and search engine optimisation benefits are another key function of this type of program. Many websites link directly to the program download page which can bring a significant improvement in page rank. Not to mention the many thousands of potential new customers that have been given the program by email from friends.

Specialist hydraulic training website

Specialist hydraulic training website

A range of online elearning and hydraulic training downloads are provided for free on our main hydraulic training website.

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