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eLearning should replicate what works in real life

The best description of good training is still provided by the'old schoolmaster's' dictate

You see - you forget
you hear - you remember
you do and you understand

Experiments, tests or exercises have always been the best way for trainers to get their message across.

Simulations of real products or the use of interactive decision-making are simple on a computer.

Done properly, eLearning can be just as effective as a one to one lesson by your top educators.

Sun Hydraulic's program has brought many rewards

Sun CD

The hydraulic training program we produced for Sun Hydraulics Ltd has brought them many rewards.

Training simulations generally cost less than the price of a physical training rig and can be given to everyone around the world for free. However, the main aim of Sun's program was to improve product support and therefore help drive product sales. To this end, the program is given away customers and distributors and has helped to emphasise the distinct technical advantages in many of Sun's products, compared to their competition.

Schools and colleges around the world have also been supplied with free copies of the program and have become part of the standard engineering course in some countries.

Most of the program is now available within our website.

Product training simulations

relief valve model

Software simulations allow users to experiment with different products to learn exactly how they work. They can operate each product as they would in service, but without the risk of damage.

See some working examples at

System training simulations

system simulation example

Software simulations allow users to experiment with complete systems to learn exactly how they work. They can operate or modify each component as they would in service, but without the risk of causing any damage.

See some working examples at

Learn to drive a steam locomotive

website design software

Experience the thrill of driving a 1930's passenger locomotive along the famous Settle to Carlisle line.

Our 'Learn to drive a steam engine' program was 'a best selling CD' for many years and is now available online for free. Mastering the complexities of a steam locomotive is not easy so if we can teach people to understand how they work and drive one for free, then we can teach people about any engineering system in the same way.

Software Tutor

software tutor

The easy way to teach people how to use software products or websites. Software tutor guides people around any program, presentation, or website and shows them how to use it.

Quickly record new tutorials that will point, speak and display text explaining what to do at each point.

Training screensavers

training screensaver

Our tip and training screensaver is one of the most effective training and promotional tools available. The program drip feeds information to the computer user while the screen saver is on. It also contains a date reminder system so they don't get in trouble for forgetting important anniversaries.

Buy the Sun Hydraulic Training CD

sun cd

No need to buy the Sun Hydraulic Training CD.

The content is now all included in the hydraulic training website. We have made lots of improvements and additions to our online resources so we no longer sell the CD.