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Guide Prices

Every application is different so please ask us for suggestions and a quote.

As a rough guide we can supply:

  • Rebrands of existing calculators for around ÃÆ'‚£500.
  • New custom calculators from ÃÆ'‚£1000.
  • Product or system simulations from ÃÆ'‚£2000 to ÃÆ'‚£5000.

Previous customs

Retail programs include children's educational, business and engineering training and steam engine simulations; which was a Dream Direct best seller for many years.

Business customers include:

New Holland, Sun Hydraulics, Kalamazoo, Helping Hands Software, Emerson Process Control, Motorolla, BFPA, BVAA, Genevac, Goodfellows, Bearing Centre and many more.

A powerful approach to help our customers

Unfortunately, no one method of content delivery will suit every customer, company or computer; the web, CD, App and paper all have their limitations.

Our approach is to let the customer control their information and help them to build powerful libraries of electronic information such as text, picture, video, pdf, ppt and training software etc. The customer usually understands the content better than anyone and should, therefore, be able to update and change this information whenever they wish.

Our software packages are designed to very easily export the same customer information to create a website, CD or paper document. This reduces the number of information files the customer must change but still keeps them away from any software programming, or the need to pay us to make each small change.

We may not be the only company to promote this approach but we certainly are the only one to offer software packages to do this at a cost effective price.