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New technology brings major advantages

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Our award winning website content management software was called the 'new generation of CMS' by PC Advisor magazine. Quite simply its automated routines create much better quality sites in far less time.

Beginners can create and maintain their own, perfectly structured website in minutes.

Experts can create many large, secure, compliant, optimised sites in a fraction of the time it takes with WYSIWYG editors or online CMS packages. You can even add a dynamic, updateable section to any websites.

The simple way to make mobile friendly websites

These days most top performing websites are built using low-cost CMS packages. The only difference is the content and the design focus of each package. Our Pure SEO CMS is designed to be:-

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast; building large, text rich sites quickly.
  • Page structure optimised for the search engines
  • The best, hand and code quality pages
  • FREE or affordable with support

That's how you get a perfectly structured website for next to nothing.

High-performance websites must:

  • Allow lots of content to be quickly entered and maintained by anyone
  • Mobile friendly to see on any device
  • Be consistently structured and easy for visitors to use
  • Comply with legal accessibility standards and web standards
  • Be structured in a way search engines like
  • Include all the hidden, fine detail required in professional sites

You get all of this and more by simply installing Pure SEO CMS.

FREE website builder

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Simply download our FREE website builder and enter your own content. Push one button and choose a design to get a complete, professional quality, fully optimised website.