Blended training

Blended training (May 2002) snapshot status of eLearning

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A brief explanation of blended training

Recent Experience from eLearning

There is now significant experience available to allow companies to quantify the effectiveness of the eLearning programs they have implemented. With a few notable exceptions, it is fair to say the 100% eLearning has never threatened to replaced traditional teaching methods although many aspects of it use have brought significant benefits.


The term ÃÆ'‚ÂÂÂ'blended trainingÃÆ'‚ÂÂÂ' is now becoming increasingly used by companies to describe the way they combine traditional and electronic learning, to provide the best overall results. Some of the key benefits can be:-

- Automatic training needs analysis with remote testing facilities available before and after each course.

- Increased flexibility with the opportunity for students to take extra training when and where they get the chance.

- Wider distribution of course materials, with no real additional cost.

- One to one interactive tuition for students who might need extra help on particular parts of the course.

- Just in time courses available when students need a refresher on course material they studied several years earlier.

- Reduced printing and distribution costs.

- Sometimes the same course content can be provided with students spending less time away from their place of work; thus saving both the training supplier and student, time and money.

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