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Being successful on the Internet is not about how much money you can throw at it, but understanding the way it works and what user's want. In many ways, good Internet marketing is no different to traditional marketing except that it works much quicker and for much less cost.

Networking, for example, has always been one of the most effective ways for companies to win new business. Good salesmen have used this technique for years although they are always restricted by the number people they can physically talk to in one day. If you draw a spider diagram to show the structure of networking you will also produce a copy of the physical network provided by the Internet. The beauty of the Internet, however, is that it works much quicker and for much less cost. Many people have used this to their advantage and have built up sizable businesses from relatively little investment of time or money. The key to making money from the Internet has been to continuously bring a large number of people to your site.

Any engineering companies wishing to use the Internet to improve their sales will have to do the same and can learn from the many websites that have already been successful. Most are software related and often provide good quality training materials free of charge. Traditionally training has cost a lot of money and many engineering companies earn additional revenue from this. It may at first seem pointless to give training away but with eBusiness, there can be many advantages. Multimedia, interactive training programs are now very advanced and programs can be custom designed for most companyÃÆ'‚ÂÂÂ's products for surprisingly little cost. Once finished they cost nothing to distribute and will be passed around by interested parties at your customers very quickly. Access to your website can be provided from within the program so that people can easily visit to find out about your latest products or new training modules. People will soon tell their friends if you have a helpful website and you can also work closely with your distributors to make it look as though the training on your products is also provided by them.

A major benefit of providing training on your products is that people understand how to use them and the benefits they provide. Having the confidence that your products are appropriate for the particular installation can be a major comfort when your customers are specifying which components they will use. This approach has been used to good effect by Sun Hydraulics with their new interactive hydraulic training program. This has brought many new enquiries from potential customers around the world simply by being available for download from a website. If the engineering industry can follow the lead of the software industry then perhaps the shortage of well-trained employees may be reduced.