Software Tutor Price

The following versions are available

Download a FREE Software Tutor here.

Single user licence

Software tutor is free for personal use and no charge may be made by others, except for the supply of custon training courses.

The 'save new course' feature is disabled in the free version.

To register a copy and save your own training courses cost $59 (approx.£34, €49). This will allow you to record and play back training courses on one PC.

Distributing your own training course

Any business wishing to distribute and/or sell their own recorded training modules will need a full license costing from around $499 (£297 €430).

Licences cost may change depending on how many users there will be and the method of distribution. We can also build your programs into a single installable file for you or advise on the best way to include our files.

Make money selling training courses

Why not let us create training courses for you or work with you to ensure the best exposure and results. Any training courses created will belong to you and can be sold at whatever price you wish and without having to pay us anything when you sell them.

Anyone wishing to integrate the software tutor with their own applications should contact us for all technical and commercial details.

Joining our affiliate program is a simple way to earn commission from reselling Software Tutor.

More advanced editors and additional technical information is available on request.