The Unique Active Software Tutor

The easy way to teach people how to use software, websites or products

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Create more effective training, more quickly

Software tutor provides rapid creation of computer-based training and guides people around any program, presentation, or website while they are actually operating it.

New tutorials are quick and easy to record and will point, speak and display text explaining what to do at each point.

A real life approach to training that is amazingly simple to use.

People learn by doing things. In this process, they are usually guided by someone, who shows them which button to push and explains why. That's exactly what our Software Tutor does. It provides you with step-by-step instructions as you explore the actual product.

Training videos are much less effective because they are not part of the program or website they are teaching on. People must watch and remember rather than be guided as they take part.

Software Tutor is controlled by RSS style XML feeds so it is always up to date, easy to record and very quick to download. Videos on the other hand are more expensive, difficult to create, demand much higher bandwidth are more difficult to update.

"Including ST's spoken training within our website CMS software significantly reduced the uninstal rate and stopped comments from first time users saying they could not understand it" Gary Molton CEng, Engineering Adventures Ltd.

How to use the software tutor

The Software Tutor works all by itself.

It is a floating speech box sits above any program and automatically moves through a recorded sequence to show people want to do next. Alternately, using the forward and backward arrow keys in the program or on your keyboard will allow you to work at your own speed or go back over sections you did not understand at first.

Recording your own training intructions is easy

Simply press Software Tutor's record button and you can record and save your own trainer modules in no time at all. The instructions are saved in a simple grid so they can even be changed in spreadsheet like Excel.

Software Tutor is free for personal use but a license is requried for all business use. More advanced features are available to developers on request.