Software Tutor features

This infomation is only required by application developers

Modes of operation


The person being taught by Software Tutor will not need to do anything other than sometimes pressing the forward and back arrow keys if they want to repeat or speed things up. ST sits above any program or can be supplied with it's own viewer window teaching about website, images or a combination of both.

Pressing the 'options' menu bar will open a properties window and allow you to select different modes of operation.

1. As a moving pointer with record and playback facility.

2. As a pure text help feature where users can select a module and step though each instruction. These instructions are stored as simple .rtf text files.

3. As a random tip of the day utility where the tips are stored as a simple .rtf text file.

Works with other programs or its own display window

Software tutor will work with other stand alone applications and can interact with the actions within that program.


Software tutor has its own display window into which will display pictures or web pages etc.

Features include:-

  • Moves to a series predefined positions relative to the program or viewer image it is teaching on.
  • Select from a range of pre-defined training modules using a simple drop down list.
  • Displays different text at each step.
  • Gives spoken commands at each step by playing mp3, wma or wav files.
  • A different time can be set for the duration it waits at each step.
  • Move between steps by time or the user clicking the button or arrow keys.
  • Move between steps by other application's events including nudging it forward or back or aligning with keyframes.
  • Manually align the tutor to the screen position of a program running behind it
  • Display any background picture at each step although it comes with a range of standard speech boxes.
  • The list of courses and each course's content are downloaded automatically from any server to ensure the content is always up to date.

How to record your own training program

The Software Tutor includes a simple sequence recorder.

This recorder will allow you to select a background image then simply drag this image to the location you need it to be. You can then enter the text, sound and pause duration at each point.

Don't forget to set the zero position point against the main program frame before you start recording or the relative position of the tutor will not be correct.

Save the tutorial files with a new name and it will automatically appear in the main options, drop down list selector.