Record your own training modules

How the recorder works

How to record your own training modules


Access the recorder via the options bar, properties window.

1. Move the pointer to the zero point (top left) of the application you want to create a training module for, then press the zero point.

2. Select or add a step to the list.

3. Select a background image from the drop down list.

4. Move the pointer by clicking and dragging the top menu bar.

5. Enter some text into the list or the top text window.

6. Type in a sound file name or use the sound loader button.

7. Set a time for that step.

8. Save the tutorial files with a new name and it will automatically appear in the main options, drop down list selector. Save is disabled in the free option.

Load some of our example files to see how you can use the http:// addresses to automatically download files from the internet.

Tips and tricks

Placing the following text in the tutor's text area will have the following results:-

1. A website address e.g. will open that website in the viewer.

2. A picture address e.g. will download that picture and display it in the viewer window. Pictures are downloaded into a subdirectory with the same name as the training module. If that pictures has already been downloaded then it is not downloaded again.

3. Just adding the picture name will show that picture if it already exists in the subdirectory.

4. An XML training module name e.g. will download and play that training module.

5. Using the name of a local training module e.g. tutor.xml will play that local file without downloading a new file.


The drop down list picture selector only controls the background pictures for the pointing tutor. These can be changed but please talk to us in you want to know how.

Connection to some servers to download the files can be difficult. Please talk to us if you have any problems.