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Just In Time Training Benefits

Research that shows the 70% of information learnt on training courses is forgotten by the time it the student needs it. However, creating multimedia versions of each course means that students can instantly refresh their knowledge at any time and whereever they are in the world.

Engineering Adventures software makes it easy for anyone to create their own 'just in time training' courses and gives us the power to create cost effective courses for others.

Just In Time Training Approach

The concept of 'just in time training' has evolved with distance learning courses provided over the Internet. The idea is that you do not take the training course until you need the information. With interactive training courses being available 24 hours a day via CD-ROM or the Internet this concept has already become a reality.

The implication for industry should have a major impact on the way we work in the future. Many companies are finding that they can no longer rely on having a wealth of experience employees with specific knowledge of particular technologies. More often engineers are required to build a many new technologies into their products without the benefit of several years experience getting to know the equipment.

What should soon become standard practice is that every time an engineering thinks he may need some new technology he will pay a visit to one of a range of industrial web sites where he can search for and take the relevant training course. It's likely that these course will be predominantly supplied free of charge by the manufacturers of the products that are likely be used. The cost of the training program being far less than the cost of the experience promotional campaign that would be required to achieve the same increase in sales.

Get your own training course

Low cost electronic versions of any training course can be created using Engineering Adventures FREE CD Brochure software .

Video, PDF, PPT sound and images can be combined to create a comprehensive skill training package in very little time and for virtually no cost.

Alternately contact us and we can create a full course for you and teach you how to keep it up to date.

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